Real Snow Slopes at Xscape.

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Here are the answers to some of the questions you have asked :

How do I get there?
The real snow slopes are situated in Xscape, a long dome shaped building at the below address (it is hard to miss!)

602 Marlborough Gate
Central Milton Keynes
Telephone - 0871 222 5670

To find Xscape use the city map on MKWeb click here

If I am travelling a long way, where can I stay for the night?
Check out the MK Web Accommodation here This is the complete guide to places to stay in the city. It includes hotels, B&B and camping

Is there transport in Milton Keynes that I can use to get to Xscape?
For a full guide to Milton Keynes transport click here

What do I need to wear/bring?
Clothing Rental is not included in the price of going on the slopes. Jacket and salopettes are avaliable to hire.

Gloves are not provided - you must bring your own
Warm, waterproof clothing is essential, it is best to wear clothes that you will be comfortable in.

Do I need to book?Yes.
It is strongly advised that you book by telephone before coming to the slopes , as it is very busy and you may be turned away if you don't book. You can now book on-line at" target="_blank">

Are there any discounts for group bookings?
A discount is applicable for group bookings of 10 or more. However this only available during Monday to Wednesday - 9am-11pm, Thursday to Friday - 9am -6pm, Saturday to Sunday 7pm-11pm. Pre-booking is required.

Can I use a credit card to book?
All credit cards are accepted, apart from American Express and Diners.

Where do I go when I get there?
When you get there, a short walk through the mall of Xscape takes you to the slopes check in. It is best to get there at least half an hour before the time you have booked, to allow time for clothing rental and fitting of boots and skis, or snowboard equipment.

What happens when I get there?
After you have checked in at the front desk, you will be issued with a special pass, with the time you have booked logged into it. Take your pass to "Sno Clobber Rental", if you want to hire out clothing. There are changing rooms nearby
The next stop is "Sno Equipment". This is where you collect your boots and skis or snowboard.
Now you are ready to go onto the slopes.
Your pass will allow you through the automatic barrier and on to the ski slopes. It also allows you access to the Uplift.
The barrier will automatically tell you when your time is up and the barrier will not let you pass through anymore.

How do I get up the slope?
The absolute beginner can use the automatic walkway. For those with a little more experience the uplift is the way up the slopes. There are two, one each side of the largest slopes.

Are absolute beginners allowed on the slopes?
No, but lessons for absolute beginners are available. To go on the slopes on your own you must be able to use the Uplift, control your speed and be able to do linked turns.

How are lessons organised?
Lessons are available for skiing and snowboarding. They range from one hour to a whole weekend!
Private or group lessons can be booked.
Other lesson deals include: Ski in a day, Snowboard in a weekend, school/youth group lessons, and many more! For full details go to Lesson Information or
call 01908 230260. You can now book lessons online too.

Are children welcome?
Children are welcome from the age of 3 years. However they also must be able to use the UpLift, complete linked turns and be able to control their speed. All children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult when on the premises. The adult must remain on the premises for the duration of the child's visit.
Children 10 - 15 years may participate in snow activities unsupervised if they meet the minimum standard for slope use.
Children 3 - 9 years may participate in recreational snow activities if they meet the minimum standard for slope use and are under strict supervision of a parent/guardian or adult instructor at all times.

Does Snozone accommodate kids parties?

 Yes, we can tailor make parties to your needs, including toboggan parties.

Will you take schools and youth groups?

Schools and youth groups are important to us. Please call for details.

Apart from skiing, are other activities available on the slopes?
Yes. Apart from skiing; snow boarding, snow blading and tobogganing are also avaliable on the slopes.

What days are the slopes busiest?
The slopes are busiest at the weekends.

Are there any special fun days/deals?
Yes there are lots of deals like this. All information about these are available from the Snozone. Call 0871 222 5670 for the latest details

How does the slopes deal with injuries?
We recognise that any sport is dangerous, and staff with a first aid qualification will be at hand if an accident was to occur.

Does the slopes have any safety policies?
Yes. Apart from not letting people on the slopes if they do not meet the minimum standard, we insist people meet these requirements:
- No straight running downhill at speed.
- When using the slope please obey all signage.
- Head protection is compulsory for the following slope user
- Any slope user doing jumps or involved in any type of racing, race training or toboganning.
- All persons on beginner lessons; and
- All children under the age of 16 years on lessons or recreational use.
(Head protection is recommended for all other slope users and is available from the Sno Rental Department at no extra charge.
- Only our own instructors are permitted to teach on the slope.
- All children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst using the slope.
- Slope patrol will be on duty at all times for your safety and conveinence.
- Gloves, full length trousers and long sleeve tops must be worn when using the slope.

Does the real snow slopes have different slopes for different grading of ability?
Yes there are 3 slopes. One is the lesson/nursery slope which beginners can use. The other 2 slopes are exactly the same except one has two jumps.

How high are the slopes?
Both slopes are approximately 220ft high and in length are both 175m.

What are the opening hours ?
General Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday, 9am- 11pm.

Is there anywhere I can view the slopes without actually going on them?
Yes. You can view the slopes , absolutely free of charge, from the caf at the bottom of the slopes. The opening hours of the caf coincide with the opening hours of the slopes. You can buy hot and cold drinks , have a hot snack or even a light meal there.

Are there any other restaurants I can go to?
Yes there are a number of restaurants in Xscape and the surrounding areas. For a full listing go the the Restaurant Guide on MKWeb.

How is the snow made?
The snow delivery system uses a fully automated patented technology. The system delivers a mixture of air and pressurized chilled water through a network of pipes to 16 snow cannons. Each cannon can deliver four litres of water per minute into an ambient environment of -8C. Each snow cannon has a pre-programmed pan and tilt course that distributes an even layer of snow over the entire 9,400 square metres of slope. The newly settled snow is maintained by approximately 8 miles of refrigerated pipe work containing glycol coolant. The pipes are laid beneath 400mm of ice and approximately 500mm snow.
The slope is closed for grooming one hour each day.
If there is any more general information you require please use our feedback facility. We may be able to help you.

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