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Welcome to MKWeb's area for Milton Keynes buses. Here you'll find MK bus times, boarding points for CMK, how to get Milton Keynes bus timetables to your mobile and general information about traveling around MK. If you're not sure what bus to take, we suggest you take a look at the appropriate Milton Keynes bus route map below, which provide useful information such as a destination indexes that show the services that pass them.

Urban Bus Route Map

Buses in Milton Keynes

Not sure which bus to take? Take a look at the new bus map for the urban areas of Milton Keynes here.

Rural Bus Route Map

Bus Stop

If you're looking to get in or out of central Milton Keynes, take a look at the new bus map for rural areas surrounding Milton Keynes.

Olney Bus Routes


Take a look at the Olney bus route map to find your way in, out and around Olney.

Park and Ride

Platinum 300 bus

The 300 Platinum service that links the park and ride to CMK and the train station now operates up to 4 buses an hour Monday to Saturday.

CMK Bus Boarding Points

Arriva Buses

There are a few bus stops around Central Milton Keynes so it can be confusing working out which one you need. Take a look at the bus stop map before you head out.

Bus Stops in MK

Bus Stop

Not sure which buses pass your stop? Wondering where you'll be able to get off? This handy map of bus stops will help.

MK Bus Times to your Mobile

Get the next bus time direct to your iPhone!

You can now get bus times for MK on your mobile with the NextBuses iPhone app. You can buy the app for 69p from the iTunes store. When's the next bus?

Arriva Buses

Arriva buses in Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes bus service is run by Arriva. Visit their website to find information about timetables, ticketing and prices, and general information about Arriva.

Milton Keynes Travel Guide

Buses in Milton Keynes

This handy travel guide will give you all the information about travelling around MK you'll need, such as bus times and fares.

Travel around MK

Arriva Buses

For information about travel in Milton Keynes, including speed cameras, driving routes and taxi's, visit MKWeb's dedicated travel pages.

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