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This is Bow Brickhill

Bow Brickhill Church

Bow Brickhill is a village and civil parish in the Borough of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. It is located just a short distance south east of Milton Keynes itself. The village name is a combination of Brythonic and Anglo Saxon words for 'hill' (Brythonic: breg, Anglo Saxon hyll). The prefix 'Bow' comes from an Anglo Saxon personal name, Bolla.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

The village e-group (hosted by Yahoo! Groups) provides an electronic platform for community discussions. It is used for a variety of purposes: Neighbourhood watch messages, announcing village events, disposing of unwanted household items, discussing village matters...the possibilities are endless.

Bow Brickhill Parish Council

Bow Brickhill Church

Find an update of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment here, written by Michael Moore, MKC Planning. For more information about Bow Brickhill, you are welcome to join a Bow Brickhill Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm on the second Thursday of every month at the Pavilion.

Developments in Bow Brickhill

Developments in Bow Brickhill

I would advise any visitor to this website who has a potential interest in land (housing) developments in Bow Brickhill to contact Milton Keynes Council (Diane Webber 01908 252668) or Bruce Stewart (01908 252480) for fair, professional and unbiased advise on what may and what will not be included in the Milton Keynes Local Plan.

Environmental Health and Licensing

Water Leak

Reports from residents of Church Road of sewerage odours had apparently been tackled by Anglian Water but it could be that they have simply shifted the problem further down the hill for, at time of writing this report, residents contacting me on Station Road complaining of the same unpleasant problem! Find out more here.

Highways Issues


Apart from the ongoing road safety work undertaken this year in the centre of the village and the general ongoing concerns about speeding traffic and heavy lorries passing through the village, the only highway issue I am currently aware of is the return of the flooding on the bad bend on the Woburn Sands road. The Council have been using specialist high pressure jetting equipment coming and I hope that may have cured the problem.

Changes to local support

Police Logo

The new officer for our area is PC 1285 Jason Rowe will be based at the Kingston office from 2nd April 2012. Click here for contact details.



Views of Bow Brickhill

Bow Brickhill Church

View more pictures of Bow Brickhill from the Bucks County Archive.

Dog Fouling in Greenways

Dog fouling

The Parish Magazine has been asked to mention the degree of dog fouling which is happening in Greenways, often at night.

Hot News


Contact details for litter / rubbish / waste enquiries.

Details of Parish Contacts

e mail

You can find all the contact details you'll need to get in touch with Bow Brickhill Parish Council here.

Bow Brickhill Website

Useful Links

View the official Bow Brickhill website here.

Contact the Site

Bow Brickhill

The aim of this weblet is to provide local information and news to residents of Bow Brickhill. Please feel free to browse around at the stories provided.



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