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Cycling in Milton Keynes

Family cycling

If you're an avid cyclist, Milton Keynes offers everything you could possibly want. From dedicated cycle routes and redways that stretch across the city, to groups dedicated to promoting cyclists rights and courses to improve your biking skills; we've got it all here. Have a browse for all the information you could need to get on your bike!

Cycling News

Cycling in Milton Keynes

Cycle Routes

cycle routes

Milton Keynes is a bike friendly city. View the many different scenic cycling routes around MK here. MK Cycling routes

Where to Cycle


Milton Keynes has some great bike rides for riders of all ages and abilities. We've listed a few great places to get out in the open air and hop on your bike.

Milton Keynes Redways

MK Redway

Milton Keynes has a fantastic network of redways, ideal for cyclists, walkers and those wishing to keep fit.

Cycling Road Signs

Cycling signs

Have you ever been confused by a cycling sign? Those days are over. Take a look at the MKWeb guide to cycling signs.

Cycling in traffic

Cycling in traffic

Having got a bike, safety will be high on the list of your concerns. You are more vulnerable when cycling in traffic than in a car, but your concern and awareness of safety plays a big part in keeping you safe.

Public Transport and Bikes

Cycling and public transport

If you're planning a trip and want to know if the network you're going with allows bikes on board, take a look at our taking your bike on public transport article.

Cycle Hire

Cycle hire

Fancy a day out cycling or want to try a new sport? Try Willen Lake on 01908 691630. Visit our cycling area for lots of local information. Hire a bike in MK

Local bike clubs


There are quite a few cycling clubs around Milton Keynes. Click here to see some of the websites with information for cyclists. Milton Keynes Cycle Clubs

Bike Shops

Bike Shops

Here is a list of bike shops and services around Milton Keynes.

Mountain Bike Skills Course

Mountain Bike

Ever fancied trying mountain biking? Get Mountain Biking skills courses at both Beginner and Intermediate level at Woburn Sands.

You Against The Elements

bike man

Staying cool, or staying warm, is a question of wearing the correct type of clothing. Many think that less heat - more clothes is the answer, yet the wrong clothing can be counterproductive in your quest for warmth.

Cycling Information


For all the latest information from MK Council's Cycling Officer Cycling Milton Keynes

Cross County Cycling Map


Fancy some cross county cycling? Try the cycle routing system. Here you can find information about cycle routes in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

Sustrans Cycling

The National Cycle Network as a network of cycle routes that at the moment cover approximately 6000 miles (10000 by 2005), one third of which is on traffic free paths, the rest using quiet lanes or traffic calmed roads in towns and cities.

Useful contacts

Telephone contacts

We've created a list of useful contacts and websites in case you need to speak to someone about cycling.

Why Cycle?

Cycling around Milton Keynes

Click to read more about the benefits to your health, your wallet (or purse!) and the environment!

Milton Keynes Cycle Users Group


Milton Keynes is for cyclists what the AA is for motorists: we are a principal advocate of cyclists' interests and their spokesperson on all matters of concern.

New To Cycling?

New cyclist

If you are new to cycling, make sure you get plenty of practice before venturing out into traffic.

What To Take

Bike puncture

Ever tried 'Slime'? A great idea to make punctures less likely. It will make the tube very slightly heavier, but the lack of punctures is very much worth it!

Cycle Safe

Cycle Safe

Motorists and cyclists both have a right to use Britain's roads - a right to safe and enjoyable travel.

The Sustrans Time Trial


As some of you may have noticed, there have been some odd shaped posts erected alongside the Sustrans cycle route. These are Millennium Mile Posts.

F.A.Q.'s about Cycling


Cycling throws up lots of questions, so if you've got a question, chances are we'll be able to help in our FAQ area.



Whether you enjoy watching sport or getting involved, there's something for every sport-minded person in Milton Keynes.


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