Oxley Park, Milton Keynes

Oxley Park is located in the south west of Milton Keynes. It is named after an old field name, priors Ox Leys.

Work began on the site in 2004. Some of the homes are completed and people are living there, although work on the site is still continuing. This area has some beautiful houses, which are all modern and newly designed- there are a mix of 3-6 bedroom houses. Energy efficient low cost homes have been constructed as part of the government drive for key worker housing.

Oxley Park is split into Oxley Park West and East. Oxley Park West is developer-owned whilst Oxley Park East is within English Partnerships' ownership. Both sites are being developed for residential purposes and fall under the development control function of Milton Keynes Partnership.

Oxley Park has its own primary school, Oxley Park Primary School. It opened in September 2005 to serve the catchment area of Oxley Park and Kingsmead. The building is designed over two levels with Foundation and Key Stage 1 on the ground floor and Key Stage 2 on the top. The school has purpose built areas such as Technology and Art areas, a Music courtyard as well as all weather football, tennis and netball courts. Foundation stage will have separate purpose-built facilities including an attractive fenced off playground area.

Contact details for the school are:

Oxley Park Primary School
Redgrave Drive
Oxley Park
Milton Keynes

Telephone: 01908 503870

Fax: 01908 867348

Email: oxley.park@milton-keynes.gov.uk

Or take a look on the Oxley Park Primary School Website.

For more information on education in Oxley Park and other areas of Milton Keynes, visit our education area.

Oxley Park lies adjacent to HMP Woodhill, which is a maximum security prison (therefore this is nothing to worry about- the area is perfectly safe).

It lies opposite Shenley Wood, which is a picturesque area and can be used for cycling and walking.

Oxley Mead is a site of Site of Special Scientific Interest - which is an ancient hay meadow - only two SSSI's in MK - the other being Howe Park Woods. The main plant community found here is of a nationally rare grassland type confined to the major river valleys of southern and central England. This rare grassland community has been maintained at Oxley Mead by continuous traditional management involving a late annual hay cut followed by stock grazing, with no fertiliser or herbicide applications. A stream which runs through the middle floods the field regularly in winter which maintains the characteristic composition of the sward. Surrounding the meadow are tall, ancient hedgerows, which contain a rich diversity of shrub and tree species.

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