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Relate is the UK's largest provider of relationship support. All sorts of people come to Relate - older, younger, gay, straight, black, white... Our counsellors and trainers will always give you the respect you deserve and are great at helping you find the best way forward Relate Milton Keynes is an independant charity entirely devoted to building stronger relationships. We are the largest, quickest most affordable relationship experts in the city. we can help you, your partner and family with breakups, arguments, affairs, sexual problems, step-families, retirement, new baby... anything that has an effect on your relationships.

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We know it's sometimes a tough decision for people to contact Relate. Our friendly appointments staff will answer any questions you have. Giving yourself time to build confidence, trust and communication in your relationships will be worth it in the long run. Appointments are available weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Call 01908 310010.

Relationship Counselling MK

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All relationships need nurturing, but we don't always see this or have the time. Let Relate give you a helping hand. Relate is the UK's largest and most experienced relationship counselling organisation. For over 60 years we have been helping people to work through their relationship difficulties and reach their own decisions about the best way forward.

Relate Sex Therapy

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A lot of people find that sexual problems don't last long. Where a problem does last, don't just hope it goes away, let Relate Milton Keynes help. Sexual problems can have a devastating effect on even the strongest of relationships. It's often hard to face up to difficulties and seek help. Our specially trained counsellors are experienced in helping people deal with a range of sexual problems.

Volunteering with Relate


Relate can offer volunteering opportunities in a number of ways, as Evening Receptionists, Trustees or Volunteer helpers during the day. Relate Milton Keynes is an independent charity and we rely on the support of our dedicated volunteers. Come and join our team!

Separation Counselling MK

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Splitting up? Do you need separation counselling in Milton Keynes? We can help you understand where you are and help you both find your new direction. Sometimes the best way forward is for a relationship to end. Relate can help you on your own or with your ex-partner to come to terms with the loss of the relationship. Counsellors can also help you to maintain a relationship with your ex-partner so that you can both continue to be effective parents.

Relate Family Counselling MK

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Let our Family counsellors provide the support for you and your family relationships. Relate MK Family Counsellors can help you explore the way you communicate within your family and to look at alternative way of handling situations.

What do people say about us?

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Comments from Relate Clients Our clients talk about our service = "I felt listened to, without being judged and that my feelings were acknowledged"

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