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Whether you're looking for adult courses at college, evening classes, apprenticeships or even thinking of applying to university, you'll find everything you need to get started here on our adult education pages. More than half of people aged 50 and over hope to keep on working past the state pension age; most are still keen to learn and develop and more than twice as many aspire to get promoted than to downshift. In other words, many don't want to give up the day job: they want to become more involved. There are plenty of opportunities to exercise those brain cells and remember, it's never too late to learn.

The Voynich solved?

Voynich Manuscript

Award winning Professor of Applied Linguistics Steven Bax from Bedford University has claimed to crack the code of a 600-year old manuscript deemed ‘the most mysterious’ document in the world.

TV is Better with Twitter

It’s no surprise that people love to tweet while watching their favourite programmes, but the latest findings have looked into how this habit is affecting advertising retention and engagement - and

Brands Conversing

By now we are all becoming aware of the extensive marketing opportunities that are available to companies that can master the basics of social media. Twitter in particular offers some fantastic benefits,

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